The Joys of Digital: Hello From The Wild Side Returns with Zoo Explained!

Singapore’s back in “soft” lockdown mode and everyone’s corralled indoors once again. But whilst some of us may recall last year’s strict circuit breaker with dread, this time around, we might actually be able to avoid the throes of cabin fever.

Keeping pace with the new normal, the rise of digital interactive content is allowing us to experience the physical spaces we know and love from the confines of our homes!

For a start, Wildlife Reserves Singapore‘s Hello From The Wild Side is returning with a newly curated Zoo Explained! segment, offering limited edition content every month.

So even if you aren’t able to physically visit the zoological parks during this June holidays, there’s still unique opportunities to go behind-the-scenes and interact virtually with the animal and human personalities from Wildlife Reserves Singapore!

Bite-sized, intimate interactions for all animal lovers

In this season’s Hello From The Wild Side, plenty of big personalities from the zoos’ animal family are in the line-up, such as its baby rhino and stars of Animal Friends Show.

In each 20 minutes session, you’ll get up close and personal with the passionate keepers involved in the day-to-day care of the animals, as they walk you through insider tips on animal behaviour and training, animal rehabilitation, and wildlife nutrition.

Beard Envy, anyone?

Wildlife Reserves Singapore's Hello From The Wild Side 2.0 offers up close virtual interaction with River Safari's adorable Emperor Tamarins.
Source: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

In the first session of Zoo Explained!, you’ll meet the playful Emperor Tamarins from River Safari and their dedicated keeper, Ken, who will answer all your burning questions about the intelligent and inquisitive animals.

Finding new activities to keep them physically and mentally strong is a never-ending challenge, as Ken will tell you. In this session, you’ll learn more about their natural habitats and even join in their feeding and enrichment activities.

Session Dates: 22 May, Saturday (10am) and 25 June, Friday (10am)

Budding Animal trainers, don’t miss this!

Wildlife Reserves Singapore's Hello From The Wild Side 2.0 offers an intimate session with trainers of the Animal Friends Show.
Source: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Animal trainers Natalie and Hanna, from the Animal Friends Show at the Singapore Zoo will show you all the skills needed to bring out the best in their group of domesticated animals such as parrots, cats and dogs. These skills can be applied for your own pets too, so come with all your burning questions and let the team answer them all!

Session Dates: 19 June, Saturday (10am) and 30 July, Friday (10am)

An exclusive up close look at a Baby Rhino? Sign me up!

Wildlife Reserves Singapore's Hello From The Wild Side 2.0 offers close up session with the young baby rhino who was born in March this year!
Source: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

This session lets you meet the newest addition to the rhino family (who was born in
March this year), and his dedicated keeper Indah. Find out how she cares for him and the adorable antics that he’s been up to!

Session Dates: 24 July, Saturday (10am) and 27 August, Friday (10am)

Educational and entertaining, the intimate sessions with these adorable critters are sure to leave you fawning in your seats.

Hello from the Wild Side‘s 20-minute sessions are available from $10 per screen. Sign up now at, and be sure to check back online regularly to keep updated on the new content.

Author: Desiree Goh

Desiree is a fan of anything that promises a good story with interesting characters and set in a world more interesting than this one. Alternatively, she can be found crusading Tumblr with an arsenal of GIFs.

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