Heard of the Inside Out project? It’s now in Singapore

For the first time ever, the Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) is bringing the famed Inside Out project to Singapore. This is the festival’s seventh year running, and this time, it’s geared up to shake you out of your COVID-19 stay-home blues.

Featured image, a man walks past an Inside Out display.
Source: Inside Out Project

What is the Inside Out project?

This photography project is a mission to create the world’s largest street art gallery, pioneered by an anonymous French artist called JR. The self-stylised photographer began his foray into the art world as a teenage graffiti artist-turned-photographer. Today, his art style deliberately combines the use of portraiture and graffiti to give a face to the powerless ordinary person and to stand for their causes and communities.

Inside Out was funded by JR‘s win of the indistinguishable TED Prize in 2011. Since then, the project has gone to over 130 countries, inspiring many group actions and evoking thought-provoking emotions. At its heart, Inside Out is on taking the power of representation away from gatekeepers, and giving it back to the people.

What’s Going to Happen with Inside Out Singapore?

This year, SIPF will be exploring the theme of Departing and Arriving from both a local and
global perspective. Occurring amidst a pandemic, the festival theme’s reflective outlook on the
human condition emphasises on the eventual arrival of understanding identity and belonging
through a journey of departure.

Depart and arrive is exactly what you’ll do if you visit Inside Out Singapore, which will be a mobile photo booth in an instant printing truck outfitted with the Inside Out camera logo.

Artist impression of the Inside Out Singapore mobile truck which will tour from 30th October.
Artist’s impression

From 30th October onwards, the truck will make several pit stops across Singapore, capturing the portraits of everyday people.

Following that, black and white poster-sized portraits will be printed and placed at the pit-stop locations aiming to transform personal messages of identity into art for public consumption.

In all, Inside Out Singapore will try to acquire 1,000 portraitures and stories of our people

The Inside Out Singapore truck will be positioned at: DECK, The Substation, 37 Emerald
Hill, Tekka Centre, Kreta Ayer Square and ION Orchard from 30 October 2020 onwards,
12pm-7pm (except for Kreta Ayer Square from 11am-6pm). Portraits will be exhibited
from 2 November 2020 onwards.

For future locations and updates on Inside Out Singapore, please visit www.sipf.sg.

The 7th Singapore International Photography Festival will be held from 5 November 2020
to 30 January 2021 at various locations.

Author: Hijanah

Takes The Office a smidge too seriously, walks into walls, and makes god-awful puns (debatable). Between music, television, and people, Hijanah writes about things as sees them--no BS. Hijanah also writes for publications ScreenRant and The Homeground, as she hones her personal brand: Phumbling Phalanges Writing.

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