Potato Pirates: Why is it the most funded Singaporean Kickstarter game?

Education doesn’t have to be 40 kids sitting in a classroom, all with varied attention spans and aptitudes for rote learning, just listening to an overworked teacher lecturing on a subject in which a student likely thinks: “Am I really going to use this when I’m 30 years old?”

Yes, I’m talking about me in mathematics class, but it could apply to a lot of us. Too many times, Singapore’s education is seen as a drag. Many a time, times that call for innovation materialise as poorly packaged quizzes or tests dressed up in some new clothes.

Enter Potato Pirates

A game about potatoes (delicious!), piracy (cool!), and… programming. (What?)

Yes, programming. A language and skill so dry that it parches not just the throat, but the brain. So, how does a board game about programming not only be actually interesting, but become the most funded Singaporean Kickstarter project?

Potato Pirates is a labour of love, created by Codomo, a Singaporean-based design company that prides itself on utilising technology and products that transforms modern learning.

Gone are the days of textbooks and homework – rather, Codomo believes in an entirely different school of thought. It’s the 21st century, and learning doesn’t have to be stuck in the Dark Ages. Nothing speaks to this philosophy more than Potato Pirates.

Potato Pirates is not just an educational board game, but it is first and foremost a fun board game. Programming, just like games, have rules. Instead of beating it over your head by producing error reports, why not enjoy it in a digestible, potatoey form? By smartly converting programming rules into game rules, Potato Pirates teaches while it plays. Instead of learning that passing “GO” gives you $200, learn about algorithms and sequential logic as you crush your enemy’s ship Instead of learning about blockers and double-breakers. Learn about nested loops and while loops while mashing your opponent’s potatoes!

Codomo proves that education not only can be done with alternative methods, but can be interesting, and very, very cute. Potato Pirates puts all these qualities on full display, teaching possibly the most universally hated subject in the history of mankind.

So, what excuse do you have now for not learning Python?

Author: Guan Hao

An e-sports, fiction and comics fanatic through and through, you can find him sipping a nice, hot cup of tea while playing video games with the few friends that he has. Or don't find him at all. He'll prefer it that way.

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