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1st June 2020 – Despite having failed to fund their first campaign round, The Fandom Menace is back with a streamlined campaign to produce a print run dedicated to the COVER-19 variant edition, one that will see 100% of its profits donated to ItsRainingRaincoats, an initiative for the benefit of migrant workers.

As part of their relaunch initiative, this campaign sees a great reduction of the goal ($888) and a lower price point for the comics books, both digital (at $8) and physical (at $18).

While the campaign has funded successfully, The Fandom Menace‘s aim to contribute to ItsRainingRaincoats’ mission has no limit, and audience are encouraged to share the effort. A higher print run would also equate to great profit margins, allowing for more of the funds to be directed towards ItsRainingRaincoats.

Back SingaHeroes and support two causes for just S$18!


Having launched on Kickstarter on the 27th of April, SingaHeroes is a superhero anthology featuring over 20 Singaporean and Malaysian talents, 30 original Singapore-inspired characters, and 12 fresh stories accompanied by a board game and art galleries. The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $15’888 to finance the 100 pages of art, as well as printing of the book.

But creating superheroes does not end with producing stories. With many affected by COVID-19 and the subsequent Circuit Breaker, Team SingaHeroes has been searching for ways to lend a hand through the campaign.

While a COVER-19 variant cover edition had already been announced and included in the campaign, The Fandom Menace and CS Comics are happy to confirm that ItsRainingRaincoats will be the recipient of all profits made from the sales.

The COVER-19 variant edition will contain the same content as the regular edition and is priced at S$28, as well. Limited to 2’020 copies, this edition is available to backers of the following tiers:

  • SingaHeroes: COVER-19 Edition
  • Special Post-Bicentennial Ltd Edition
  • Team-Up w/ SingaHeroes Digital Edition
  • Team-Up w/ SingaHeroes Physical Edition
  • SingaHeroes Original Cover Art & Team-Up
  • Be Your Very Own SingaHero
  • and as an Add-On to any physical tier

Additionally, a portion of the profits from the the Regular and Blank Cover variant Editions will also be made to ItsRainingRaincoats.

The SingaHeroes Kickstarter campaign will conclude on the 28th of May and will only be funded if it reaches its goal.


22nd April 2020 – Local and regional talents come together to create the greatest Singaporean Superhero experience:

SINGAHEROES – The Greatest Singaporean Heroes You’ve Never Heard Of!

And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Singapore’s mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat! On that day, the SingaHeroes were born—to fight the obscurity no single SingaHero could tahan! Through the years, their existence has been, well, mostly ignored… even going forgotten many times… but their glory will no longer be denied! Heed the call, then—for now, Majulah SingaHeroes!!

A collaboration of Singaporean and regional talents have come together to create Singapore’s first superhero comic book anthology. With 12 entries and counting, the anthology features a mix of short stories, art galleries, and even a fold-out board game, all inspired by Singapore and the ideals of a Singaporean superhero… or supervillain?

Headlined by comic regular Ryan Mennen, SingaHeroes also introduces some familiar guest talents such as Jedd Jong, Joshua Simon, Fauzi Azzhar & Mark Kinoshita, and David Goh.

The project has seen over a year in development as the team sought out local writers and artists of the comic book discipline. Uniting almost 30 local and regional talents, SingaHeroes is an initiative jointly organised by The Fandom Menace Ltd. (TFM) and CS Comics (CSC).

SingaHeroes Cover Unveil

The Singapore-inspired stories within SingaHeroes include:-

  • Singafist, a hero inspired by a little known Singaporean martial art;
  • Crimson Star, Singapore’s first all-Singaporean superhero;
  • Kucinta, an ordinary furball with an extraordinary approach to paying it forward;
  • King of the Straits, a mythic take on a familiar icon;
  • Scalemail & Ixora, Singapore’s first LGBTQ+ superheroines, the dynamite duo, battle the true villainy of bullies and bigotry;

— and many more tales including feature stories by guest writers, and crusades inspired by the beloved Japanese Tokusatsu genre (i.e., Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Ultraman).

Having embarked on the mission of creating and publishing Singaporean sci-fi and fantasy characters with Crimson Star in 2018, TFM and CSC have since set their sights on projects involving larger pools of Singaporean creators.

SingaHeroes‘ guest talents consist of familiar content creators from the local entertainment scene. Some of these talents include:-

  • Jedd Jong, film critic and pop culture enthusiast & geek extraordinaire;
  • Kiss 92FM’s Joshua Simon, multi-talented radio presenter known for his memorable interviews with the likes of Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds;
  • Fauzi Azzhar & Mark Kinoshita, a remarkable duo of madcap energy and pop culture irreverence who challenge the boundaries of insanity;
  • and game designer David Goh of Hyperlixir, the brains behind hit card game Endogenesis, and its sequel Endogenesis: Beyond.

And what would comics be without the eye-catching brilliance of colourful art? Well, they’d be very sparsely written scripts… so here are the artists who’ve graced SingaHeroes:-

  • 17-year-old Tasha Leah Santiago pushes the term wunderkind with her astounding mixed media illustrations. An SCGS graduate, the young talent is the cover artist of SingaHeroes in addition to contributing to other stories within the anthology;
  • Local art legends James Leong & Elvin Ching take on the heroism of everyday heroes with a Frontliner Tribute Gallery;
  • Collateral Damage StudiosJolene Yeo & Ariel Tan tackle Singapore’s chase for perfection on Jedd Jong’s The Scholar;
  • All-rounded comic creator Kang Jing (writer/artist of The World, My Arena) lends his line work to Crimson Star‘s debut to the public;
  • Instagram sensation Samara Gan brings her vivid and colourful palette to the early days of Scalemail & Ixora‘s adventures (and misadventures);
  • The fine lines of James Pereira outline the bold mythic tale (and tail) of the Merlion in King of the Straits;
  • Stunning action and detail come through in Collin Yap‘s take on deep space adventures of The Medallions;
  • Malaysian comic art extraordinaire Zehe Abdul Rahman henshins blank paper into Japanese-style Tokusatsu action on not one, not two, but three stories!

If superheroes are icons of triumph in the face of adversity, the unhindered efforts behind SingaHeroes are tribute to the relentless nature of talent and passion. While the characters and stories exist outside of Singapore’s, and the world’s, current predicament, the existence of this anthology is dedicated to the many frontliners who selflessly ensure the continuing lives of every other Singaporean.

In light of their contributions, the SingaHeroes campaign will include a limited edition COVER-19 variant. All profits from the sale of this variant, along with additional proceeds from sales of the regular edition, will be donated to organisations supporting those affected by the pandemic and the resulting circuit breaker. More details to follow.

With a S$15’888 goal and a campaign duration of 31 days from 27th April to 27th May 2020, SingaHeroes hopes to kickstart a new age of local stories and out-of-the-box creativity!

Until then, Majulah SingaHeroes!

Crimson Star Creator Card
Crimson Star by Ryan and Kang Jing & Tasha
Scalemail and Ixora Creator Card
Scalemail and Ixora by Ryan and Samara
Singafist Creator Card
Singafist by Guan Hao and Tasha
Orang Kaiju Creator Card
Orang Kaiju by Ryan and Zehe
Kucinta Creator Card
Kucinta by Hijanah and Tasha
King of the Straits Creator Card
King of the Straits by Sathya and James
Medallions Creator Card
Medallions by Ryan & Kyle and Collin
Coin Driver Creator Card
Coin Driver by Ryan & Kanesh and Zehe
Majulah Operators Creator Card
Majulah Operators by Ryan & Kyle and Zehe

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About SingaHeroes
SingaHeroes is a comic book anthology put together by a collection of Singaporean and regional talents. Every entry in this anthology is inspired by or is set in Singapore, and features original characters exploring the idea of the Singaporean superhero.

About ItsRainingRaincoats
An initiative for the benefit of migrant workers, ItsRainingRaincoats aims to improve the lives of migrant workers in Singapore, and build bridges to strengthen their integration into the broader community. This is accomplished using imaginative, innovative, authentic and nimble strategies.

About The Fandom Menace Ltd.
The Fandom Menace is a non-profit group of individuals seeking to support the Singaporean arts scene with unique, collaborative endeavours that shine the spotlight on local and regional talent. Having assisted other local arts endeavours, SingaHeroes is their debut original effort.

About CS Comics
CS Comics is a Singaporean comic book publisher dedicated to producing original South-East Asian comic books for a global audience. Their flagship title, Crimson Star was launched in May 2018 with a limited ashcan release and is planned to go to series in late 2020.

Official Site:

Other Sites:-
The Fandom Menace:
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