IP Development

TV & Film Content:
Ensuring you don’t get LOST in the BIG BANG of scripting and production. Start with our list of alternate (probably better) endings to ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

Enter Crimson Star, the first all-Singaporean Superhero, was created by us. We know comics like Batman knows prep-time, and we publish them too.

From Dungeons and Dragons to Monopoly, PubG and Super Mario, we’ve played them all and with our partners, we can make them too.

You spin the pages, and we’ll form the spine. Work with our network of experienced individuals and companies.

Writing Services

We write for a living.

TV & Video:
Need ideas and concepts for broadcast or otherwise? We’ll brainstorm and you can take the credit. Content matters to us, and good television content coming out of Singapore matters the most.

Editorial Consultancy & Calendar Planning:
Leave the website planning and content scheduling to us, or have us populate your website and make sure you’ve always got a steady stream of content.

Hosting Writers:
If you’re part of a team of writers who need a space to think aloud and bounce off ideas, we’ve got a place for you at our table. Create with curation.

Kickstarter Management

Having trouble with the nitty gritty? Leave that to us.

We know the best ways to take advantage of the Kickstarter platform, complete with advice on reward tiers, what time of day you should release your campaign.

A holistic one-stop service:
Image and Video assets, Copy-writing and other essentials.

Successful track record:
All of the projects we worked on have gotten 100% funding on Kickstarter. One of these is an in-house The Fandom Menace project.

Creative Campaigns

Content Provision:
Let’s talk stories, ideas, social media content and more.

Product Media Consultation:
How to best sell and market your product?

Mock-ups, Collaterals & Copy:
Social media posters, flyers and related copy

Publishing Preparation & Linking:
Getting you past the finishing line by pairing you with industry experts.

Focus Groups:
Qualitative research, tapping on our ecosystem of artistic audiences that are most likely to consume your product.