Lightbox Film Festival – Submission Format

Here’s how to package your films for Lightbox Film Festival

All submissions must be in secure online screener formats. 

Lightbox Film Festival is presented by Dropbox and The Fandom Menace. A direct link to a custom Dropbox submissions folder will be sent to you upon your registration. Upon registering your interest for the Lightbox Film Festival, you will receive instructions on how to submit your film. Your film will then be watched by judges on Dropbox’s online viewing platform.

Due to pandemic restrictions, physical submissions will not be accepted. 

Rough cuts will be considered, but judged accordingly. You should do your best to submit a completed film. In order to support filmmakers who kept the cameras rolling during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lightbox also welcomes films of reduced production value. 

If your film is not in English, you must include subtitles, or it will not be accepted. 

Receipt of your submission will be sent to the email that you signed up for Lightbox Film Festival with. Please ensure that your information is correct, as that is where Lightbox will make contact with you. Your submission cannot be withdrawn. 

You may not be notified if you submit unsuccessful submissions that do not meet the submission rules


Your submission to Lightbox Film Festival means that you agree to all of the above-mentioned rules. 

You also agree that all rights and clearances for music and other material used in films have been rightfully obtained. Any damage resulting from copyright infringement lawsuits will not be borne by Dropbox or The Fandom Menace. All copyright clearances must be obtained prior to submission.

By submitting your film for Lightbox Film Festival, you agree that your submission may be used in publicity materials relating to the film festival. 

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