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Enter your films to Lightbox Film Festival from now till 31 January 2021, 23:59 (GMT +8).

Every film is a product that represents the culmination of ideas, hardwork, execution and realisation. And like the products we so love to marvel when they’re bathed in the luminescence of the spotlight, your film deserves the same. 

This entirely online film festival celebrates the adversity of the creative spirit while placing your passion in the limelight. Additionally, to encourage participants to stay safe we welcome films of up to 2-years-old for submission.

Made possible by the creativity-empowering features of Dropbox. Check out our unique categories, made just for you.

The Participants’ Brochure includes everything you need to know about Lightbox Film Festival.

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Who should take part in Lightbox Film Festival? Participation Tiers

Lightbox Film Festival's youth representatives participation tier.

(UNDER 35)

Pay a one-time $5 registration fee to submit an unlimited number of entries to Lightbox Film Festival.

Lightbox Film Festival's individual representatives participation tier.

(35 & ABOVE)

Pay a one-time $5 registration fee to submit an unlimited number of entries to Lightbox Film Festival.

Lightbox Film Festival's company participation tier.


Pay $5 per film submission to Lightbox Film Festival.

A pandemic and many cancelled shoots later, Dropbox is calling on Singapore’s filmmakers to join our discussion about the future of filmmaking, by inviting them back to familiar ground: film festivals.

The future of filmmaking is here, and it’s in an entirely digital process. With Lightbox Film Festival, you can indulge in a holistic production process, all on Dropbox’s singular platform.

Now, you can handle all production matters in one place; from the tedious paperwork of pre-prod to the unending feedback rounds of post-prod. Dropbox is here to give filmmakers a brand new festival experience.

Join us to evolve the filmmaking process. It’s more organised than ever before.

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Registration Form

Upon completion and submission of this form, you will be sent an e-mail to your registered e-mail address containing payment details as well as a unique upload link. This link will allow you to access a folder viewable only by yourself, judges, and the administration team. All necessary collaterals and the final product need to be uploaded to this folder by 31 January 2021, 23:59 (GMT +8).

For any enquiries, contact us at lightbox@thefandommenace.org, or at the contact form below.

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