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We’ll help you find the droid you’re looking for. We also offer company over cups of coffee or blue milk. Shout your ideas, and we’ll help you develop them.

We’re an arts non-profit organisation that wants to add value to multimedia spaces for just about anyone with creative goals.

Not sure we’re suited for your artistic needs? Don’t worry! We’ve got plenty of talented friends  in Singapore, and have partners that range across industries. Let us hook you up with people that deserve more recognition for their stellar work – you be the judge.

Fill up this contact form or message us directly on Facebook messenger. 

Corporate Partnerships

We love working on all things geeky, and we’ve always got a good story to tell. If you’ve got a project you’ve got no idea where to take, take it to us first. With our all-rounded team and network of industry partners, we’ll make sure that your baby steps are always well-placed. Before you know it, you’ll be taking giant quantum leaps!

One of our specialties is plain ol’ content creation, and we’re always thinking of new ways for brands to engage their consumers. Writing, design, and videos happen to be right up our (Diagon) alley.

In line with our focus on bridging knowledge gaps in Singapore’s artistic industries, we frequently collaborate with partners to organise workshops and panels for other passionate individuals. If you’re interested in being an educational partner, drop us an email. We’re open to just about any art under the red sun, as long as it is respectful and law-abiding.

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Editorial / The Daily Bugle

The Fandom Menace editorial features a curated range of meaningful arts and entertainment content from around the world, paying special attention to Singapore. Our content is 100% meaningful with no information that’s oversold or misrepresented. Commissioned stories and advertisements are part of our provisions, and you’re guaranteed coverage that is engaging, read by an audience with an active interest for arts and entertainment content.

Our editorial team also develops content for leading regional pop-culture lifestyle magazine Justsaying.ASIA, where geek culture, entertainment, and lifestyle collide.

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If you’re looking to get your content created for a media news platform that’s less localised, but loves all things entertainment and lifestyle, they’ve got you covered. Featuring a ‘consumer-first’ approach, all contributors and writers review only things that they’ve got sufficient subject-matter knowledge about. You know that one friend you ask for food recommendations because they cook darn well? Justsaying.ASIA is a directory of your go-to friends, with in-depth knowledge that spans across a variety of genres. Press releases, banner ad, advertorial, and reviewing opportunities are actively welcome.

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