Singapore is in a period of media renaissance.

As the global eye wanders, seeking new sources of entertainment and new content to populate emerging platforms, our island-nation has attracted attention.

From inviting international studios to film against our urban landscape, to even becoming the chosen base of operations, Singapore has inadvertently become the land of opportunity for those harbouring a passion for media and content creation.

But “how?” is the question many pose.

The Fandom Menace seeks to empower creators to realise their ideas through a collaborative process allowing interaction and feedback with and from our impassioned and experienced team.

Be it script writing, organising an art event, or running the digital media back end of your effort, we will do what it takes to see your concept through from inception to execution.

With an intrinsic focus on arts, music, and all things geeky, the services that we provide are capable of holistic development. Writing for television and video are things that we particularly enjoy.

Having spent years working on ground-up projects with other entrepreneurs, The Fandom Menace is well-suited to give advice on the best decisions and connections to seek when it comes to actualising passion in multimedia areas.

Some specific services include:
  • Writers’ room services
  • Kickstarter campaign management
  • Content creation and development
  • Creative consultancy
  • Brand development
  • Navigating intellectual property
  • Search Engine Optimisation