Tamil Language Festival Returns with Pugalenthi’s Athipathi

Athipathi International Theatre returns this year in conjunction with the Tamil Language Festival (TLF). Resuming live performances for the first time since COVID-19, the independent troupe is back to staging plays in-person, resuming highlights and hijinks with eponymous play Pugalenthi’s Athipathi.

And they need your support to make it a successful one.

Staged in conjunction with the Tamil Language Festival 2023, this meta-cognitive play explores the way people think

Surrealistically set in the (human) brain–where the DNA is summoned by the individual to decide on which emotion should rule people to allow them success in life, this ninety-minute Tamil-language comedy caters to all with English sur-titles.

Get your tickets here:

Athipathi International Theatre returns to stage with Tamil Language Festival 2023.

What: Pugalenthi’s Athipathi
When: Friday 07-04-23; 8pm to 9.30pm (Final performance)
Where: The Grassroots’ Club Auditorium
How Much: $25 $20
(With English surtitles)

About the Tamil Language Festival

Tamil Language Festival 2023

The Tamil Language Festival was first organised in 2007, aimed at encouraging the Tamil community to use the language in their daily lives. The festival is a community effort supported by Tamil organisations, community partners and other agencies.

The Tamil Language Festival 2023 will take place from 1 April to 30 April. Featuring the theme of ‘Beauty’, the festival will feature 42 programmes by 43 partners, as the community comes together  to celebrate and promote the Tamil language in Singapore.

Check out more of what they have lined-up here!

About Athipathi International Theatre

Athipathi International Theatre Ltd is a non-profit organization that was established in 2013 with the aim to stage high quality Tamil dramas. We continually strive to produce exceptional theatre and provide our audiences with a theatrical experience of the highest calibre.

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