Back a Local Comic Double-Feature on Kickstarter Now!

Local comic creators Kang Jing (SingaHeroes, The World My Arena) and Alan Bay (Sacred Guardians) have teamed up to bring us a comic book double-feature via Kickstarter!

Entitled Destiny and The UnXplainables, the stories are penned and illustrated by Kang Jing and Alan Bay, respectively. Both features are also edited by Singaporean comic veteran CT Lim, with Pavith C on colours for Destiny.

Read on for a little bit more on both stories!

Destiny by Kang Jing and Pavith C

In his past life, Chung Wai Man was Constable Chung, the renowned constable of the imperial court in the Song Dynasty. A thousand years later, reincarnated as Chung Sir, Inspector of CID (Criminal Investigation Department), Chung Wai Man began having constant flashes and memories of his past life. Little did he know that his fate today, was determined by his actions in a previous lifetime. ‘Destiny’ is about a story where the present collides with the past.

The UnXplainables by Alan Bay

In a safe little island, a mysterious case brought Inspector Dave and Jill to Aunt Lilian, a psychic medium who can connect them to the ‘Netherzone’. What lies within it and how will the duo be entangled with the in-betweens and the unexplained?

Both comics are seeking funding through a currently ongoing Kickstarter campaign set to end on the 31st of May. Digital copies can be gotten for only $6, and physical books start at $12!

Author: Ryan Mennen

Ryan Mennen has been said to put the 'fan' in 'fanatic.' It has also been said that only he has said that. With experience in film, TV, comics, and theatre, Ryan's true passion lies in creating homegrown content for a global audience. Having grown up on a specialist­ recommended diet of pop culture and fried meats, Ryan is on a crusade to spread the love of original superheroes in Singapore! Unfortunately, said crusade has been a little slow due to him not finding a steed that can bear his weight. You can blame the fried meats for that.

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