Tonie Enriquez and Dave Anonuevo release new collab single “love ain’t real”

You might have heard of local music producer Dave Anonuevo‘s tunes on the radio last May when he released “Still Together“, a song about our collective resilience during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The multi-talented music producer has two hackathon wins under his belt, and has worked with some big names in the local music scene, including Kiss 92’s Joshua Simon and Foxela.

A digital cover of the new electro-pop single from Tonie Enriquez and Dave Anonuevo, "love ain't real".
Source: Tarsier Records

This time, Dave Anonuevo has teamed up with Tonie Enriquez for an emotionally charged, new single “love ain’t real“.

Love ain’t real” feels like bittersweet regret at the end of a relationship. It’s about how “hindsight is 20/20”, and that vertigo-inducing realisation that it all felt too good to be true anyways. This is sonically exemplified with strong bass lines, impactful kicks, and snares.

With expressive vocals and the mix of both English and Filipino lyrics, “love ain’t real” transcends language barriers, evoking universal feelings of pain and emptiness from the uncertainty of love:

“The Filipino lyrics in the bridge (are) our personal favorite because we both know that the hugot language hits the hardest…

Over the past year, we both realised that nothing is guaranteed…we should just keep doing what we love and that’s the uncertainty that we believe in.”

dave anonuevo & tori enriquez
A snapshot of Singapore-based Filipino artists, Tonie Enriquez and Dave Anonuevo.
Source: Tarsier Records

This isn’t the first time that the two Singapore-based Filipino music artistes have worked together. Last December, Dave Anonuevo and Tonie Enriquez partnered with Singaporean music producer Aprxii for a hard hitting electronic track, “let me drown“.

Despite having grown up in Singapore, both Dave and Tonie have always felt homesick for the Philippines. Their desire to seek a deep and meaningful connection to their home country has led them to signing with Tarsier Records, a sub-label of Star Music Philippines.

“It has always been a common goal for us to release under Tarsier Records, the home of our idols Moophs and Inigo Pascual

We really love the message that Tarsier Records stood for, “to become the bridge for Pinoy artists to have an opportunity to enter the global music scene”.


Love ain’t real” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. You can check it out here:

Or watch the official lyric video on Youtube below!

Author: Desiree Goh

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