3 Events Not to Miss at LASALLE this February

As Singapore Art Week and Light to Night Festival draw to a close, you might be wondering what’s left to do in February. How about re-visiting the home ground of burgeoning local creatives at LASALLE?

If you’re swamped with work or are on a budget, fret not. There’s a lunch-time livestream concert for those working from home and better yet – all events have free admission!

So be sure to check out these events and explore what the LASALLE alumni and guests have to offer.

Puttnam School of Film & Animation: Where are we now?

Poster of Unspoken War, a student documentary from LASALLE College of the Arts.

Where are we now? brings together a series of works by alumni from LASALLE’s Puttnam School of Film & Animation.

To adapt in the ever-evolving film and media industry, the alumni continues to employ a diverse range of established and emerging artistic practices as well as technologies across their respective disciplines to push the boundaries of creative excellence.

This exhibition will showcase the creative developments in their careers since graduation, demonstrating their breadth and talent in the fields of animation, broadcast media and film.

Where are we now? runs from 15 Jan to 24 Feb 2021 at the Brother Joseph McNally Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, LASALLE. Find out more here.

Blueprints for the forest: An exploration into tropical aesthetics

My Paradise Lost (2020) by Singaporean installation artist, Donna Ong.

Throughout history and up till today, representations of the tropical forest have been motivated by reductive notions, producing images and narratives which condense the forest’s rich abundance, its myriad of life, narratives, forms and symbols into a pale facsimile of itself – either transformed into idealistic cliché and trite symbolism, or worse, dry observation or reports driven by forest ethnography.

The project takes ‘topography’ as an underlying concept to critically examine the aesthetics of the tropical forest. It connects details to larger things – natural features to global stories, personal experience to cultural symbolism.

Blueprints for the forest: An exploration into tropical aesthetics is a work-in-progress presentation by Donna Ong that seeks to highlight the problems of tropical representation and invites the audience to explore alternative ways of description through the display and transformation of existing imagery. This exhibition is guest curated by Khim Ong.

Blueprints for the forest: An exploration into tropical aesthetics runs from 30 Jan to 17 Mar 2021 at Earl Lu Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, LASALLE. Find out more here.

Lunchtime Concert Series: The AJL Group presents ‘toons at noon for the soul!’

Singaporean drummer Aaron James Lee, who is well known in the local jazz scene.

The AJL Group, led by drummer Aaron James Lee, offers food for the soul in audio form for your afternoon pleasure. Using original repertoire and also repertoire from the Great American Songbook as vessels, one is invited to simply sit back, enjoy and experience, along with the band, the love within and around this musical art form.

The AJL Group presents ‘toons at noon for the soul!’ can be streamed online via LASALLE’s YouTube channel on Monday, 15 Feb 2021 at 1pm. Find out more here.

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