Got to Move returns with its first full digital line up

Dance enthusiasts, it’s time to binge!

An image of of Singapore's Got To Move 2021, featuring veteran Bharathanatyam dancer, Malini Bhaskar.

Got to Move, Singapore’s nationwide dance movement, is back for its sixth edition from January to March 2021!

Going fully digital for the first time, the annual initiative by the National Arts Council (NAC) is set to impress audiences with a series of interactive digital dance programmes, featuring some of Singapore’s most prolific and upcoming dancers.

There will also be a spotlight feature on 100 dancers from prolific veterans to emerging artists and newcomers across different dance genres. You can uncover their stories on Got to Move social media pages (#100dancestories) and gain insights into what our diverse dance scene has to offer.


5 Groups Embracing Dance in Sing5 Groups Embracing Dance in Singapore!apore!

The best part about these digital dance programmes is that they are all free!

An image of of Singapore's Got To Move 2021, featuring veteran Bharathanatyam dancer, Malini Bhaskar.
Source: Got to Move Facebook

A Digital Stage for Dance

Got to Move has commissioned five original digital works which push the creative boundaries of the dance community. In the next three months, digital dance programmes from our local arts groups – Raw Moves, ScRach MarcS, TRDOco, The Arts Fission Company and The Kueh Tutus will utilise multiple online formats, ranging from Augmented Reality (AR) applications and filters, to an interactive dance film.

Pushing the Boundaries of Dance

Kicking off the season on 18 January 2021 is XITY Augmented Reality Application by Raw Moves.

In this digital iteration, Matthew Goh teams up with VizioFly to create a minimalistic representation of XITY through an Augmented Reality application fusing movement, sound and visual animation. It comprises a 3D object with interactive points for viewers to participate in the self-discovery of the living environment through an audio geometry experience.

Building on the momentum of accessibility and interactivity, ScRach MarcSLens Lens Revolution will introduce a series of 3 bite-sized and accessible AR filters: (1.Play) Mini-Game, (2.Pose) Interactive selfie and (3.Watch) augmented dance performance from 3 February 2021.

The filters integrate traditional fusion movement and music elements into modern street styles with the aim of letting audiences connect with arts from home.

An image capturing veteran contemporary dancer Hwa Wei-An in mid flip, as part of Singapore's Got To Move 2021 spotlight feature.
Source: Got to Move Facebook

Highlighting Social Issues through Dance

TRDOco, a contemporary dance company, draws on the strength of technology to amplify its social message in To Or Not. Launching on 24 February 2021, the interactive dance concept video tackles the salient social issue of mental health and social support.

It invites audiences to inhabit the persona of a character and toggle between multiple scenarios to make their own decision on how the story should unfold. 

Singapore's Got To Move 2021 spotlight features young ballet dancer Yuuna Miyata Tan in a demure pose.
Source: Got to Move Facebook

Dance Dance Dance (with Your Kids), in time for the March holidays!

The Kueh TutusPlotterpus Adventure Tours lets parent-child pairs interact digitally with imaginary baby Plotterpi through a series of choreographed movements. The interactive dance adventure will follow the plotterpus saga, where you’ll learn interesting plotterpus facts and how to move like one.

There are a total of six Zoom tours available, so be sure to register well ahead of time.

Next up is an interactive game-like dance tour with augmented reality filters. For families seeking adventure from the comforts of their homes, they can assume the role of a wild beast avatar through two Instagram AR filters by The Arts Fission Company, and enter the fantasy realm of The Ballroom of Magnificent Beasts

An image capturing veteran chinese and modern dance artist Cai Shiji, as part of Singapore's Got To Move 2021 spotlight feature.
Source: Got to Move Facebook

Inclusivity through Dance

This year’s Got to Move will feature a series of videos under Dance x Social, showcasing ways in which dance groups are engaging with the underserved communities.

Hear about how local dance company Flamenco Sin Fronteras has been working with the seniors at Social Health Group, and witness how independent artist Wong Wai Yee and Diverse Abilities Dance Collective (DADC) have been impacting the lives of special needs children through dance.

Strap on your dance shoes and get ready to move it

The first of the digital dance programmes will launch on 18 January 2021, via Got to Move’s Facebook and Instagram pages. All five programmes are available for free, while registration applies for some. 

For more information on Got to Move 2021, please visit their Facebook page.

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