Decoding Modern Technology Through Art – Ho Seok Kee at The UOB Art Gallery

Artwork inspired by machine learning and data analysis by artist Ho Seok Kee.

A painting called "Insight" by Ho Sek Kee as part of the UOB Art Gallery
“Insight” by Ho Seok Kee

While humanity and technology are on an ever-forward motion, our dreams and achievements stay somehow anchored to the medium of the traditional. And it is from this conflicting truth of life that Insight (洞察力) was born.

Analysing large volumes of data and making it actionable – via art…?

To a large extent, art can be anything that you want it to be. An artwork inspired by the ability to use machine learning to analyse large volumes of data and to turn it into actionable insights, artist Ho Seok Kee fuses traditional ink painting styles with modern Western art mediums. She applies Chinese ink brush techniques in her use of acrylic paint and canvas.

The result is a painting that is rooted in tradition while inviting viewers to think about a future dominated by technology. It also calls upon viewers to ponder the role of technology in predicting and solving unprecedented crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

How conducting classes served as inspiration

Ms Ho’s experience of conducting classes with students from the Rainbow Centre served as a significant starting point for her latest series of paintings. In her preparation for these classes, she used computer programmes to manipulate and to simplify images digitally in order to help the students understand visual elements. This gave Ms Ho the inspiration to use digitally-manipulated images as a starting point for her creative ideas, thus leading to her latest collection.

Another aspect pervasive across Ms Ho’s latest body of work is the use of rice grains.

A rice grain paiting by Ho Seok Kee called "Journey To The Future"
“Journey To The Future” by Ho Seok Kee

This is a continuation of her earlier pieces which consists of rice paper paintings inspired by traditional Chinese ink philosophies and the works of Mi Fu (米芾), a Chinese painter, poet and calligrapher from the Song Dynasty (1051-1107). In order to continue the spirit of Chinese ink painting, each rice grain is painted with a single brush stroke and goes through a series of ‘press’, ‘drag’ and ‘lift’ movements (按笔, 行笔, 收笔).

Decode exhibition features 18 artworks, all of which are available for sale except for the 2018 UOB POY (Singapore) painting, Ingrain 2.0, which is part of the UOB Art Collection.

Visits to the UOB Art Gallery are by appointment only. Those who are keen to view the exhibition can set up an appointment by emailing the artist directly at for a private tour.

A border-style image
Source: UOB Group

Decode, featuring the art of Ho Seok Kee will be held at the UOB Art Gallery till December 8th 2020.

Address: UOB Art Gallery, 80 Raffles Place, UOB Plaza 1, Ground Floor, Singapore 048624

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