Sway Through Adversity with “Still Together”, Dropping May 22nd

If you’ve been listening to the radio more during the circuit breaker, you might’ve heard this one on the airwaves. “Still Together” is a poppy electronic number by local music producer Dave Anonuevo.

Hackathon winner by day and music producer by passion, Dave Anonuevo is no newcomer to the local music scene, having previously worked with Kiss 92’s DJ Joshua Simon and Foxela, who is amongst Southeast Asia’s most promising young artists from Singapore.

His new self-released track is about triumph and, well, staying together.

“Still Together” Drops 22nd May, On All Major Streaming Platforms

Featuring the calming, mellow vocals of vocalist Ian (Ian Khoo) and the melodic supporting notes of guitarist & record producer Krone (Clarissa Sachez), Still Together embraces the sting of “stay home”. The song was entirely on the digital sphere, with Dave having met none of his collaborators prior, although they all live in Singapore.

There is comfort in unity, as Dave puts it.

Still Together is about staying strong and being together in times of uncertainty; such as the COVID-19 situation we are currently facing. We hope that this triumphant song captures emotions and resonates strongly with our listeners. Ultimately giving people hope that even though it looks like everything’s falling apart, there’s hope as we’re together in spirit. That soon, everything will go back to normal and all we have to do now is remain strong.”

Click here to pre-save the catchy track on your Spotify player. And stay still together.

Or take comfort in solace and listen to Dave Anonuevo‘s first song with Joshua Simon, Hush.

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