We’re Celebrating Star Wars Day with Fightsaber, In a Comic Book: SingaHeroes


First up, here’s a list of awesome things being done in the name of Star Wars by local fan groups such as the Singapore chapter of FightSaber and the Rebel Legion (their local hideout can be found here: Cathar Base Singapura)! 

Fightsaber group photo
FightSaber SG

As you probably already know, May the 4th is the day Star Wars fans come together and celebrate the franchise (as opposed to all the other days, where we celebrate it alone). It’s more than just an excuse to make Star Wars puns, or watch the movies, or buy the toys–it’s an opportunity to band together and celebrate what this beloved franchise stands for: the triumph of good over evil.

Given the 43-year-long existence of the Star Wars universe, it is only natural that many creators have been heavily inspired by this galaxy so far, far away. With our content, signs of inspiration can be found straying about many of the pages in SingaHeroes, a superhero comic book anthology we’re raising funds to publish with Crimson Star Comics.

And while signs of inspiration can be found straying about many of the pages in SingaHeroes, it takes a very visual manifestation in the 8-page Scalemail & Ixora story.

Set just months after being imbued with their powers, the dynamite duo have finally begun to get into the groove of defending the defenceless and battling bullies and bigots. Unfortunately, with great power must come the great responsibility of getting some proper training.

And to where would a mystically-powered Singaporean swordswoman with a geek for a partner-in-crime-fighting turn in search of training?

Azmi imparts wisdom to Hallie and Scalemail
FightSaber founder Azmi Danuri guest stars through Samara Gan’s art!

 To a club specialising in lightsaber duelling, of course!!

FightSaber founder Azmi Danuri very kindly agreed to take time off his busy schedule of training the next generation of Jedi to guest star in this story! Dedicating special attention to Eric’s (a.k.a. Scalemail) friend who is in urgent need of training, Azmi imparts some much-needed Jedi wisdom on being a defender of the weak.

Ahsoka Tano's lightsaber handed from Azmi to Ixora of Scalemail & Ixora in SingaHeroes, the singaporean superhero comic anthology.
Some creative liberties have been taken regarding the existence of lightsabers…

This issue touches a tad on Eric’s immersion into geekdom with local groups while also glancing at this new world of fantasy and pop culture to which Hallie (Ixora) has been recently introduced… thanks to her new BFF.

Samara’s illustration of the characters, their expressions, and movement captures the fluidity one would expect from a Prequel-era Jedi. But without the unnecessary spinning. More importantly her portrayal of their personalities speaks volumes… even without words.

Azmi, Ixora, and Scalemail as characters of Scalemail & Ixora in SingaHeroes, the singaporean superhero comic anthology.
Ixora’s a “do or do not, there is no try” kinda person

Given the strong personalities and progressive mindsets of both characters, it was important that Scalemail & Ixora were depicted by an artist who could not only understand them, but also bring to life their characteristics without compromising the sheer comic book-y situations and action sequences that came with.

With Samara’s illustration style, there was no question as to whether these larger-than-life personalities would come through amidst a brightly coloured palette that represented this world they lived in. 

From thumbnails to lines to colours of Scalemail & Ixora in SingaHeroes, the singaporean superhero comic anthology.
From thumbnail, to lines, to colours!

Samara’s knack for features and expression also came to good use when the script called for the cameo of actual lightsaber master, and FightSaber founder Azmi.

Along with nailing lightsaber spins and strikes, the art captures Azmi at his most Obi-Wan:

Azmi Danuri, founder of Fightsaber dressed as Obi-Wan, much like how he appears in the comic panels of Scalemail & Ixora in SingaHeroes, the singaporean superhero comic anthology.
It’s kinda like what if Disney now decided to do an animated series on the Jedi!

This 8-page story of Scalemail & Ixora is one of the many adventures envisioned for the characters. While not their origin tale, their powers and personalities are on display for readers thanks to the beauty of comic book storytelling.

Although the characters have sat in my head for years, it is thanks to the collaborative nature of comic books that readers will now get an opportunity to actually see what a writer can only imagine. With SingaHeroes, we hope to make efforts like this more common, and a frequent sight in the local creative landscape.

Thumbnails of Scalemail and Ixora's story in SingaHeroes, a Singaporean comic book anthology.
A sneak at the thumbnails of pages 4, 5, and 6.

So be sure to check out more of Samara’s art, along with plenty of other Singapore-inspired stories on our SingaHeroes campaign. SingaHeroes is a comic anthology featuring Singaporean heroes, with 100 pages of stories and 20 content creators involved. There’s even a board game in it for ya!

You can support us by backing the campaign from $8, or by just helping get the word out.

Stay home, stay safe, and May the 4th be with you!

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