Sacred Guardian Singa’s Creators and Cast Go LIVE this May!

It’s been a little dull sitting at home during this Circuit Breaker season, but the fact remains that it’s the best thing one can do to help bring an end to this COVID-19 season.

Thankfully for us, we have local content creators like tokuAsia, the team behind Singaporean tokusatsu inspired brand Sacred Guardian Singa, coming to our rescue!

And it doesn’t end here. Sure, some of you may be involved with a day of Star Wars activities, but there’s more to come from Team Singa! In addition to the producers’ update today, the team has more content lined up over the next 3 weeks. So you can probably plan your schedule around these:

Of note, is May 17th’s SingLit Comics Den. Organised by Asiapac Books, Sacred Guardian Singa‘s entry is one of the many online events occurring under the popular annual SingLit umbrella. a full list of the events scheduled over the 16th and 17th of May can be found here! We’re bound to find out more about the upcoming prequel comic Sacred Guardians as well!

So if you have a hankering for keeping up with your favourite local content, and to get as close as possible to hanging out with some fellow geeks, here’s an opportunity to do so! And the best part, you also get to support an ambitious local effort like Sacred Guardian Singa!

Author: Ryan Mennen

Ryan Mennen has been said to put the 'fan' in 'fanatic.' It has also been said that only he has said that. With experience in film, TV, comics, and theatre, Ryan's true passion lies in creating homegrown content for a global audience. Having grown up on a specialist­ recommended diet of pop culture and fried meats, Ryan is on a crusade to spread the love of original superheroes in Singapore! Unfortunately, said crusade has been a little slow due to him not finding a steed that can bear his weight. You can blame the fried meats for that.

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