Joshua Simon Launches New Single “All I Wanna Do”

Independent pop artist and radio deejay, Joshua Simon, is back with a colourful and optimistic human moment in his new single ‘All I Wanna Do.’

I believe this will be an exhale for every person who finds it. Recording this song has brought so much colour back into my life. This song is my attempt to turn a human moment into an emergency shot of optimism. I think we all need that right now, especially with what’s going on around the world today

– Joshua Simon

Joshua Simon has been a prominent figure in Singapore’s media industry for over 10 years as both a radio deejay and musician. He is known for his interviews with celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Katy Perry and Britney Spears, and an especially fun one with Spider-Man’s Jacob Batalon!

In 2019, Joshua Simon released his debut album, Filthy, to critical acclaim. The 10-track record has been streamed over 150,000 times on Spotify and was hailed by local music publication, Bandwagon Asia, as “one of the best albums to come out of Singapore”.

He was invited to London’s iconic Abbey Road Studios to record a special rendition of the
Oscar-nominated ‘This Is Me’ alongside Keala Settle from The Greatest Showman in 2017.
In a similar collaboration with 20th Century Fox the following year, he recorded a Queen Medley in Metropolis Studios for a viral music video campaign for the hit film, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Reflecting on his past relationships, Joshua sings about his desires and fears of falling in love again. By the end of the track, he breaks this tension to find the joy he’s been searching for, in himself.

All I Wanna Do’ sports an early 2000’s synth-pop sound, with deliberate callbacks in rhythmic delivery to Joshua’s earliest music inspirations – Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Madonna.

The song debuts on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music today. It is written and performed by Joshua Simon, and produced by Kylan and Marc Lian.

This article was originally published by Justsaying.ASIA.

Author: Ryan Mennen

Ryan Mennen has been said to put the 'fan' in 'fanatic.' It has also been said that only he has said that. With experience in film, TV, comics, and theatre, Ryan's true passion lies in creating homegrown content for a global audience. Having grown up on a specialist­ recommended diet of pop culture and fried meats, Ryan is on a crusade to spread the love of original superheroes in Singapore! Unfortunately, said crusade has been a little slow due to him not finding a steed that can bear his weight. You can blame the fried meats for that.

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