Play Live & Improvised Jams at The Music Parlour

Singapore jamming and recording studio The Music Parlour has teamed up with collaborative music platform Jambro to launch the Jambro Jamathon, giving musicians a free open stage, and video/audio recording!

The Jambro Jamathon Header Image
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If you’ve got a band, or some friends who know their way around their instruments as well as you know how to use your voice, this is the perfect opportunity. Nothin’ like a casual, no-strings-attached opportunity to have one night of band fun, minus the pain and worry that comes with having to make things sustainable.

The Jambro Jamathon is a series of live and improvised jams that will take place at The Music Parlour, for musicians in Singapore to get together and indulge in their interests.

The Music Parlour interior.
Image credit: The Straits Times

‘Nothing serious’, but this may just be your chance to live your passing dreams, with professional music equipment at The Music Parlour and the high-quality audio and video recording that will take place at the event.

The Jambro Jamathon is going to be taking place on 13th November 2019 (Wednesday), from 7-10PM. Entry is free for musicians and normal human beings that are looking to perform. Adding to the list of perks, Jambro will be giving some exclusive items away to participating musicians.

If you’d rather watch from outside the bandstand, there’s an entry fee, which is $20 that will go toward supporting the community. And if you’re worried about getting what you paid for, there’s kind of an unmentioned guarantee stamp with improvised things such as these. Much like how the best outings with friends are the ones that happened on a whim, there’s no doubt that some enthralling moments will come out of this Jambro Jamathon.

People having fun at a Jambro event.

If you’re looking to support local, do it the right way, in a space where you will come with no prior judgement, preference, stigma, and predisposed notions. Let music be music at the Jambro Jamathon.

Author: Hijanah

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