6 Music Companies from Singapore Shaking the Industry

Whether big or small, music companies and startups in Singapore are doing far more for the global and local music industries than one may care to think. These are some of movers and shakers that have caught our eyes, and they definitely deserve your notice!

Whabby Music

Whabby Music Brand Logo - The Fandom Menace

Whabby Music has gained popularity in the local circuit for casting Singapore’s bands in a global spotlight. The organisation concentrates on weaving a platform for global musicians to showcase their work, building a strong social media network that doubles as an instant portfolio. With their expertise in the music marketing fields, Whabby offers marketing services for musicians and the like.

Whabby was also designed by Levan Wee, who’s known within the local community for his expertise developing devoted fanbases, as well as for his time in Singaporean band Ronin till 2007.

Keep your eyes on Whabby’s Instagram to discover quality music with regularity!

White Label Records

White Label Records - The Fandom Menace

You’ll find White Label Records amongst many bars at Ann Siang Road, and rightfully so. White Label Records is definitely not a record label (for now, at least), but it is a record store that triples up as a bar and community space. The company curates music of various genres and eras that they want to enjoy with the Singaporean market, hoping to contribute to Singapore’s growing community of curators.

Beyond that, White Label serves to cultivate creative culture in Singapore over events, gigs, screenings and talks. No amount of resource is enough resource!

The folks behind White Label Records are also behind Singapore Community Radio and vinyl haunt The Analog Vault.

Look out for their kickass themed gig nights.


Musiio - The Fandom Menace

“We make great music more discoverable”, is what Musiio‘s website landing page reads. Musiio is dedicated to making new music easier to discover for fans, ensuring that musicians in the business have enhanced shots at creeping their way up into your playlist. The company uses AI to analyse music data, assisting metadata-tagging, searches, and playlisting. Gone are the days of painstaking, human-compiled playlists!

Musiio recently announced AudioNetwork as its first commercial client. If you aren’t already familiar, AudioNetwork is one of the world’s largest publishers of original music for creative use.

The company was co-founded by Hazel Savage, previously known for her work with Shazam, Pandora, Universal, and Bandlab in Singapore.


Gigfinder - The Fandom Menace

Newest kid on the block, Gigfindr finds its roots and cause in community settings and grassroots. Simplicity is the name of the game, and Gigfindr exists to help bands and fans publish and discover new gigs through means of a mobile application. Actively promoting Singapore concerts on their social media, Gigfindr calls for collaboration seekers and bands to make the application a centralised listing avenue!

As with the birthing of many great things, Gigfindr began as a passion project, now finding its ultimate goal to be in the growth of Singapore’s music community.

Gigfindr is the brainchild of app-developer and problem-solver Bowie Chang, who wanted to help like-minded music brains connect in Singapore.


A technological marvel catered to musicians, Bandlab is a music-creation and social media platform all-in-one, allowing musicians to create their music on the platform, and then share it on the network. DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) are constantly redefining the music space, maximising the efficiency of music-makers. Bandlab features the world’s first cross-platform DAW, seeking to break the sociological barriers involved in music production by remaining completely FREE.

The company has accrued some large properties (previously owning 49% of Rolling Stone) and is almost definitely not going to disappear without making a massive dent in the music community.

Bandlab was founded by Kuok Meng Ru, music-lover who came to know of his partner Steve Killings after acquiring and running Swee Lee. Yep.

Express in Music

Express in Music is an experiential music company that plugs local musicians in a major manner, although appearing as though they’re doing it from the sidelines. The company puts musicians in major retail spaces by offering clients the opportunity at purchasing legal background experiential music and jingles, ensuring that musicians are rightfully paid for their work.

Support for local musicians is predominant in their practices, making locally created music a constant part of their sales packages. Express in Music is working toward becoming a top solution-provider in Asia for clients requiring originally produced music.

The local company has seen significant growth since its founding by Jerry Chen in 2009. A musician himself, Jerry constructed Express in Music out of a strong yearning for local musicians to attain more professional opportunities.

Know another music company in Singapore that’s revolutionising the industry? We’d love to hear more, drop us a message!

Author: Hijanah

Takes The Office a smidge too seriously, walks into walls, and makes god-awful puns (debatable). Between music, television, and people, Hijanah writes about things as sees them--no BS. Hijanah also writes for publications ScreenRant and The Homeground, as she hones her personal brand: Phumbling Phalanges Writing.

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