5 Ways to give your Kickstarter Campaign a Headstart

5 Ways to give your Kickstarter Campaign a Headstart

So you’re considering launching a Kickstarter campaign, and there are a zillion things you want to do! But before you start crowdfunding, consider some of these tips: they’ll save you some time and maximise the success of your campaign.

Here are 5 ways to boost your Kickstarter campaign!

1. Secure early backers

The easiest couch ever projections.
Projections of Kickstarter project ‘The easiest couch ever‘.

Technicalities are key to digital platforms these days, greatly influencing the way marketers and digital brand managers operate. Creating a guaranteed backer list during the first 48 hours of your campaign is one of the best ways to hack your way to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Having backers at the beginning of your campaign increases your categorical ranking.

Not to mention, you might even get picked up by Kickstarter to be featured under their curated ‘Projects We Love’ section, taking you from the category page to the main page.  Third-party sites like Kicktraq will also algorithmically give your campaign better predictions, increasing the odds of consumers being willing to back your project. 

Sweet industry tip? Spend some time on an early-bird tier. 

2. Garner media attention

The Fandom Menace Crimson Star on SCMP
Singaporean Kickstarter Crimson Star got picked up in an article by South China Morning Post.

Media attention is a shortcut to viewership. Approach some media outlets with a press release (click here if you need help with the nitty-gritty). A press release is a very powerful industry tool in helping sell what’s most impressive about your project to writers and publications. Be sure to send your release to publications that align with the kind of content you have and…hope for the best.

3. Have stretch goals

Scalemail & Ixora Social Goals
Kickstarter comic book project ‘Scalemail & Ixora the Flower Knight‘ featured free add-ons as part of their social reach goals.

Stretch goals are additional goals set when certain campaign goals or milestones are met. It’s highly recommended that you make space for stretch goals (if you can afford to) during your campaign, as it rewards your existing backers and encourages more people to become backers!

For example, if your campaign meets $500 more than your goal, you could add another four pages of story to your comic. While you may already have set the monetary space aside for this, backers now feel like they’re getting more than what they paid for.

4. Your backers deserve updates

A screenshot of an update on the Kickstarter campaign of Singaporean board game 'Endogenesis'.
A screenshot of an update on the Kickstarter campaign of Singaporean board game ‘Endogenesis‘.

One of the worst things you can do is to launch your campaign and then go completely missing from Kickstarter. Provide regular updates about the status of your campaign. People have backed you because they are interested in your project and have faith in you as a creator.

The functionality behind Kickstarter is for consumers to help bring projects to life, and the psychology of the process works the same way. Backers want to see your project through. Thus, it is key to include your consumers throughout your campaign’s journey.

5. Get down and dirty: grassroots

Screenshot (17)
A user profile on Kickstarter.

Your backers can see the projects you’ve backed by simply visiting your profile. Back other people’s projects! People are more likely to back your cause if they know that you’re a giver first.

Join Kickstarter communities on various platforms and get to know other creators. Networking online is FAR easier than doing so in real life, and other creators aren’t always competition. In fact, creators similar to you might even want to collaborate on some-cross promotion, spreading the word of your campaign to the audiences of their Kickstarter campaign. 

There you have it, but a word of caution: these are just some steps that can help elevate your campaign. Crowdfunding is an endless experiment, and your campaign’s success ultimately boils down to the quality and timeliness of your project. Heck, even we’ve seen our campaigns that have failed and succeeded despite these boosters.

We’ve got our share of experience in the Kickstarter market. Drop us a message for a free Kickstarter consultation, or to collaborate with us on your campaign. We offer holistic Kickstarter services in Singapore.

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