7 Singaporean Board/Card Games To Enjoy This National Day!

If you’re a fan of casually kicking back and dealing some (non-poker) cards or setting aside a few hours for an intense game night, here are a few favourites from Singapore you can pick up.

You may not know it, but we’ve got local talents developing and producing these fun-packed games for the free folk who would be willing to give it a try!


Endogenesis game logo

Endogenesis is primarily a passion project created by David Goh (creator of Hyperlixir). In Endogenesis, you and your fellow players walk the path towards divine power. If that sounds a little too advanced, it’s because the game is slightly more intense than a round of Yu-Gi-Oh! or any other Trading Card Game.

You’ll definitely take time to warm up and get used to the game, but after you get past the learning curve, you’ll be looking forward to trying out the different classes and combinations Endogenesis has to offer.

Not afraid to step up? Look no further: http://endogenesis.cards/index.html


Avertigos South China Sky board game cover box set

From the creative team of Playware Hobbies comes Avertigos, South China Sky, a tabletop board game. Avertigos is a richly thematic game not just in its lore and aesthetic, but also in its mechanics. The creators have iterated the system thoroughly by prototyping, play-testing, and simulation to ensure that all games are–to quote–“deeply satisfying”.

Imagine an alternative world with flying ships and trade factions at war. Not very different from the current world we live in, but you get to play out different scenarios on a gigantic map with miniatures and tokens. Not an investment for casual gamers, this one’s going to take you a fair bit of time to set up, learn, and play, but it will all be worth it!

Set sail to the South China Sky now: https://www.avertigos.com/shop/


Insured the board game set

INSURED The Board Game is a 3-8 player survival-based board game, with 20-60 minutes of gameplay time. Survive in one of the harshest conditions in the world of INSURED. Be it friend or foe, there can only be one winner who takes it all.

Created by RES Design, the game was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in February 2019. It wouldn’t take players too long to get used to the gameplay and you’ll be off insuring yourself against the dangers of the world.

RES Design named after the founder, Roger Elias, RES Design was created in 2018 with the mission of providing innovative solutions through the actualization of Elias’s ideas and concepts.

Purrballs: Catventure Card Game

purrballs catventure card game cover

The Purrballs are on a Catventure! Build your own party of eager Catventurers. Send them into the Dungeon to bring back valuable Loot. Fight dangerous Monsters and reap their rewards! The Purrballs Catventure card game is a fast, exciting game of fantasy cat-ventures! Plays 4 to 6 players in 30 to 45 minutes.

The gameplay is easy to pick up, a purrfect casual game to paw around with at a party.

Adel is the co-founder & artist of Purrballs. Her passion for character design and her love for cats drove her to create the Purrballs. Ris is the co-founder & crafter for all of Purrballs’ handmade merchandise. Having a knack for handicrafts, she enjoys creating tiny trinkets out of clay and transforming them into charming accessories.

Get your feline-friendly game here: https://www.purrballs.sg/collections/all

Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts card game set and tokens

Broken Hearts is a strategic and unique card game that is based on the most common misadventure that we all face: affairs of the heart. This game will test your relationship skills to the fullest and push your boundaries. As you journey through heartbreaks, heartaches, and obstacles, you will realize that a broken heart isn’t bad after all.

Rather than mope over her failed relationship, founder Ms Teh Jo Ey created the game to inspire others in the same situation to love again.

Disclaimer: If you’re already having relationship problems with your significant other, we don’t recommend that you choose this for date night.

Get your very own set here: https://playbrokenhearts.com/shop/

Limpeh Says

limpeh says, morally wrong but politically right

Limpeh Says is an (18+) party game for We the Citizens of Singapore. Think of it as the Singaporean version of Cards Against Humanity.

Guided by the ideology of being ‘morally wrong but politically right’, it is a satirical parody of our Singaporean culture. You’ll need a certain sense of humour to enjoy the game as well.

A joint creation by Grouch Potato Games and Yong Heng Tan, Mr. Tan says that the game was designed as “Cards Against My Humanity” and “A school project gone wild”.

The game is as simple as it gets. Each round, one player – the Limpeh – draws a Red Card. Everyone else – the Citizens – answer with their funniest white card. The best combination wins. Get your set here: https://shopee.sg/limpehsays

The Singaporean Dream

The Singaporean Dream card game

A Singaporean Card Game that lets you pay, steal and sabotage your way to be the perfect Singaporean. A card game based on exaggerated personalities and icons of Singapore, it is as easy to pick up as UNO. Perfect to break out during a party, or to break the ice during a social gathering. It’s simplicity and user-friendly playability makes it easy to dish out when the setting is getting boring.

Created by SGAG, a Singaporean social media website and news media company based in Singapore. The company was founded by Karl Mak and Adrian Ang in February 2012.

Be prepared to lose some friends along the way, because this game will set players against each other all in the name of The Singaporean Dream!

Realize your dreams right here: https://shopee.sg/thesingaporeandream

This list is definitely inexhaustive and there may very well be many other great Singaporean games out there. Comment below and let us know your favourite games!

Author: Sathya Sandiran

Meet the man in charge of Operations, and no - not the medical kind, although my parents would have loved that. I'm still hoping to one day wake up and find myself in Westeros, Middle-Earth, Hogwarts or Asgard, but until then - good old Terra works for me.

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