The Fandom Menace – Content Marketing in Singapore

Why stop at one-time leads?
Build a loyal fandom with content marketing.

The Fandom Menace is a content marketing agency in Singapore that specialises in cultivating brand fans.

We execute head-turning creative content ideas that leverage SEO and digital landscapes.

Build a brand for the long-haul with a content marketing strategy that shows your customers how much you care throughout the lifecycle.

We help aspiring creators make $$

The Fandom Menace Singapore FRIENDS parody image.
Singapore can be a lonely place for artists and enthusiasts. We’ll be there for youuu…

Filling the artistic resource gap.

We’re here for the fans whose love for geeky things inspires them to create.

How do you make your comic go excelsior? How does your book go from PDF to print? How do you put the ‘fun’ in ‘crowdfund’? And can Godzilla cameo in your VR Game without getting you sued?

We can give you some answers over a glass of blue milk.

We help brands make media matter.

Isaac Chiew rocks out with Gilded Edge at The Fandom Menace's Live To Rise.
Live To Rise: our fundraising concert connects brands, bands and fans.

We know what makes you tick.

Everybody’s a geek about something, and there’s no talk like geek talk.

When trying to find your own distinctive edge in this climate of digital cliffs, a unique voice is what rises above all else. And your consumers know when a fellow geek is speaking to them.

Whether it’s a killer social media strategy, an explanatory video for a tough crowd, or a winning SEO plan, we could be the “digital rockstars” you’ve been looking for.

We also work with an instantly scalable network of talented freelance writers, marketers, artists, and designers in Singapore. So if you want your project to be rocket science, you’ll get rocket science.